Based in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, Fort Greene Falcons Soccer Club is a year round soccer program for boys and girls ages 2-4 and 5-9 that teaches students the fundamentals of passing, dribbling and kicking while emphasizing team work, good sportsmanship and individual skills. As young athletes skills increase they begin to incorporate simple one on one games. Intermediate to advanced athletes have one on one, three on three and five on five games at the end of class. 

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Growing up in Canada as a kid, I remember the day I tried out for the soccer league and made it. It was the best feeling ever! I played at the elite level from the age of 5 and went on to play internationally as a teenager in Europe, Mexico and the US. My coaches were from Italy and Scotland and instilled in me the discipline of individual practice and team structure needed to excel in the game. 

To this day I use these strategies and life skills to develop children. As a coach and trainer, I teach the fundamentals of passing, dribbling and shooting. We encourage healthy competition and most of all teamwork.

Training my son's Dylan and Chase in soccer has been so fulfilling. It started with me training my sons everyday in soccer. Friends started to join in the training and saw their children's skills in soccer develop quickly and enjoyed seeing how much fun it was for the kids to play soccer games with us. This lead us to create the Ft. Greene Falcons Soccer Club. 

I'm excited for your son or daughter to join us in our soccer classes and to begin to share in the love of the game.

coach sean

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